Hebei Gangtian Ceilings Products

Our company specializes in interior ceilings and ceiling suspension system

Since 2002 years,Mineral Fiber Ceiling Manufacturer.
Provide complete range of designs and edges.
Produce thickness from 6mm to 20mm.
Product density from 240kg/m3-280kg/m3.
Relative Humidity(RH%)from RH70%-95%.
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) 0.55.
Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) 30Db.
Light Reflectance LR 80%.
Fire Performance B1 China Standard.

Fiberglass acoustic ceiling/Perforated fiberglass acoustic ceiling.
Fabric fiberglass wall panel/Fire resistance Rock wool ceiling.
Fiberglass acoustic suspend hang ceiling.
Thickness 12mm/15mm/20mm/25mm/30mm.
Popular density from 100kg/m3 to 130kg/m3.
Relative Humidity(RH%) up to95% at 40°C No sagging.(NRC) from 0.8 to 0.9.

Interior used in drywall decoration board.
Exterior used in wall cladding,roof lining board.  Interior use density from 1.3g/cm3 to 1.35g/cm3. Exterior use density from 1.4g/cm3 to 1.5g/cm3.
Fire-proof Rate: A- Class incombustible.
Product thickness from 5mm to 30mm.
Normal edges are squre edge and tapered edge.Normal surface: single,double suface sanding.

Normal gypsum board/Moistureproof gypsum board. Waterproof gypsum board/Fireproof gypsum board.  Thickness from 9mm to 15mm. Width(mm)from 1200mm to 1220mm. Length(mm)from 1800mm to3660mm.
Edge included square edge&Tapered edge.
Two sheets glued together loaded in 20ft without pallets by hand.  Two sheets glued together loaded in 40HC with pallets by forklift.

White surface/Colorful surface pvc gypsum board. White perforated /Wooden perforated pvc gypsum board.
Specification:595*595, 600*600, 603*603, 595*1195, 600*1200 etc.
Thickness from 7mm to 12mm. Special thickness depend on QTY.
Packing&Loading:8 or 10pcs/carton loaded in 20ft in bulk/40ft by pallet.
Loding port are Qingdao China. Factory located in linyi shandong china.

Made of galvanized steel and color steel.
Maintee/LongCrossTee/ShortCrossTee/Wall angle
Accessory:explosion screw,hanger rod,spring clip.
Ceiling Grid Surface color: white,black or as RAL number.
Load container in bulk or by plywood pallet.

Including: stud,track,angle corner bead.
Thickness: 0.4mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm
Stud/Track length: 3000mm, or as a requirement
Stud size:40×35, 50×35, 65×35, 70×35, 75×35 etc.
Track size:42×25, 52×25, 67×25, 72×25, 102×25 etc.

Including:Main Channel, Furring Channel, GI Wall Angle.
Adjustable Clip, Hanging Wire, Channel Bracket, Wire Clip
Furring channel system:35x22x68, 32x22x68x3000mm etc. Main Channel:38x10x3000, 38x12x3000mm
GI Wall Angle:25×25, 24x24x3000mm

Mainly used to settle wall problems.
Base material:paper tape+galvanized steel
Regular size: Width:50mm;Length:30m or as demand

As the surface joint of plasterboard and wall.Popular Items:50mmX75m, 50mmX150m. Density normal: 140g/m2; Thickness :0.2mm

Excellent self-adhesive Fiberglass tape.
Popular Items: 50g/m2 9*9; 60g/m2 8*8; 70g/m2, 9*9Length of roll:45m, 50m, 90m.

Treatment: black, grey phosphate, zinc, or yellow zinc plated. Thread type: fine/twin fast thread, coarse thread. Material: C1022/C1022A; Diameter: M3.5 /M4.2 /M4.8

Glass wool blanket/Faced glass wool blanket. Glass wool board/Glass wool pipe tube.  Vacuumed packing with a woven bag outside. Thickness:20-150mm; Width:600-1200mm;

Rock wool blanket/Faced Rock wool blanket. Rock wool board/Rock wool pipe tube. Plastic bag, carton and vacuum packaging. Thickness:30-120mm; Width:600-1200mm;