Fiberglass Ceiling Tile

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Product Information Guide

Fiberglass material product series

Fiberglass ceiling tile

fiberglass ceiling tile

Acoustic cloud

acoustic cloud

Acoustic baffles

acoustic baffles

Vinyl faced fiberglass ceiling tiles

vinyl faced fiberglass ceiling tiles

Fabric covered wall panels

fabric covered wall panels

Perforated wall panel

perforated wall panel

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What are fiberglass ceiling tiles ?

Fiberglass ceiling tile is a kind of ceiling with excellent attraction function, excellent fireproof function, lightweight, not easy to deform, and green and environmental protection. The intermediate material of the fiberglass ceiling tile is torrefaction compounded high-density fiberglass wool, the surface material is specially painted laminated with decorative fiberglass tissue, the back is attached with a fiberglass mat, and the four sides are edge-sealed. Normal surface color is white fiberglass ceiling tile,black fiberglass ceiling tiles,grey fiberglass ceiling tile etc. It is often used in hotel catering, Meeting rooms, theaters, offices, and other places. 

fiberglass ceiling tile (1)
fiberglass ceiling tile (2)
Play Video about fiberglass ceiling tile
Play Video about fiberglass ceiling tile (2)

Fiberglass ceiling tile specifications & loading Capacity


FACE: Specialpaintedlaminatedwithdecorativefiberglasstissue;

COLOR: Whitespray/whitepaint/blackspray/colorfulasdemanded;

NRC: 0.8-0.9(ENISO354:2003ENISO11654:1997;


HUMIDITY: RH up to95%at40°C No sagging;

NORMALSIZE: 600×600/600x1200mm,other sizetoorderWidth≤1200mm,Length≤2700mm

NORMALDENSITY:100kgs/m3,specialdensity can be supplied






















Other sizes accept customization.
Fiberglass Face
fiberglass ceiling design
Fiberglass Edge
Fiberglass ceiling design color
fiberglass ceiling surface color

How do you install fiberglass ceiling tiles?

The fiberglass ceiling tile and the Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles are the same installation method, they are all installed using the ceiling grid. The conventional shapes of fiberglass ceiling tiles are square and rectangular, and the shapes and sizes cannot be matched with different sizes of the ceiling grids.

Today, we will take the square fiberglass ceiling as an example to introduce the ceiling grid installation. You can view the video teaching below for the specific operation. If you don’t understand anything, please feel free to contact us!

Acoustic cloud & Acoustic baffles description

The fiberglass suspended acoustic ceiling is combined with fiberglass and the appropriate amount of binder, moisture-proof agent, and preservative, then formed by processing, drying, and finishing, finally to become a new type of ceiling decoration material.

These fiberglass suspended acoustic ceiling has the characteristics of lightweight, sound absorption, fire prevention, heat insulation, heat preservation, beautiful appearance, and convenient construction. It is suitable for radio stations, TV studios, studios, schools, gymnasiums, theaters, libraries, concert halls, and other places that require high sound quality.

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Acoustic cloud shapes and colors

acoustic cloud shapes and colors (1)
acoustic cloud shapes and colors (2)

Acoustic cloud installation

acoustic cloud installation

Acoustic baffles shapes and colors

acoustic baffle
Rectangle Shapes
Height x Length x Width PCS/CTN
wave baffles
Wave Baffles 
Height x Length x Width PCS/CTN
acoustic baffle

Acoustic cloud & Acoustic baffles Loading Qty

acoustic baffle

Acoustic baffles installation

Install Hang Ceiling

Vinyl faced fiberglass ceiling tiles

The PVC film used on the surface of fiberglass ceiling tile is the same as the film on the surface of PVC gypsum board, with fiberglass in the middle.

Play Video about vinyl faced fiberglass ceiling tiles (2)
vinyl faced fiberglass ceiling tiles

Perforated wall panel description

MATERIAL:Torrefaction compounded high density fiberglass wool+MGO

FACE: MGO with perforated

COLOR: Whitespray/whitepaint/blackspray/colorfulasdemanded



HUMIDITY: RH up to95%at40°C No sagging,wrapping or delaminating

NORMALSIZE:600×600/600x1200mm,other size order Width≤600mm,Length≤1200mm

NORMALDENSITY:100kgs/m3,special density can be supplied

perforated wall panel description
Perforated Fiberglass Ceiling
Perforated Fiberglass Ceiling Edge

Fabric covered wall panels

fabric covered wall panels (2)

MATERIAL: Torrefactioncompoundedhighdensityfiberglasswool+decorativefabric

FACE: Fireproofdecorativefabric

COLOR: To order Custom color

NRC: 0.8-0.9(ENISO354:2003ENISO11654:1997


HUMIDITY: RH up to95%at40°C No sagging,wrapping or delaminating

NORMALSIZE:600×600/600x1200mm other size within Width≤1200mm,Length≤2700mm

NORMALDENSITY:100kgs/m3,special density can be supplied

Fabric Acoustic Fiberglass Wall Panel
Fabric Fiberglass Ceiling Edge
Fabric Fiberglass Ceiling Face

Fabric covered wall panels installation

1.Arrangetools(gradienter,tapemeasure,rownailgun,knife,glue and so on)

2.Thedesign and the panel

3.Thewooden bottom (if the wall smoothly,no have also ok)

4.Findthe level and put the glue

5.Fixthe panel

Intall Fiberglass Wall Panel

Rockwool Ceiling description

MATERIAL: Torrefaction compounded high-density rock wool

FACE: Special painted laminated with decorative fiberglass tissue

COLOR: White spray/white paint/black spray/colorful as demand

NRC: 0.8-0.9(ENISO354:2003ENISO11654:1997


HUMIDITY: RH up to95%at40°C No sagging,wrapping or delaminating

NORMALSIZE:600×600/600x1200mm,other size to order 



Fiberglass Rock Ceiling Removebg Preview
Fiberglass Edge

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Are fiberglass ceiling tiles safe?

In terms of raw materials and production processes, fiberglass ceilings are safe and can be used with confidence. This ceiling contains no asbestos and no substances harmful to the human body.

Do fiberglass ceiling tiles contain asbestos ?

Fiberglass ceiling tiles, like Mineral fiber ceiling tiles, are asbestos-free.