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Your Ceilings System Factory Development

Our Factory Established in 2002;

Export department was set up in 2009;

Up to 2022, we are still engaged in the production  ceilings system;

Production equipment and technology are the leading position in the local industry; the range of products is complete; the quality is stable;

Our sales team can communicate in English and have rich export experience to help you complete the purchase smoothly.

What’s Quality standard

Production as Chinese standard

Where to load

Factory Purchase/omitting middlemen

How to Install

We provide accessories&guidance

Don't Take Our Word For It

Good Words From Good People

Best Customer Support Ever

Cooperation for 8 years, never considered changing suppliers. The sales staff of Hebei Gangtian are very friendly, timely and professional; the quality of their mineral fiber ceiling products has been very stable, in line with my requirements. Thank them for their support and hope to have a pleasant cooperation in the future.


Younger Ceiling Inc.

A reliable supplier

I have always had confidence in their mineral fiber ceiling products. We have worked together for many years, and now we are friends. At the same time, they will help us purchase other building materials products, such as Ceiling Grid, PVC gypsum board and so on. They are an honest and reliable enterprise, and I like them very much.


Turkey Ceiling INSAAT

Fast Delivery

We help you to seize all business opportunities and trends

Confirm ceiling styles-Send samples-Place order

Why can we do fast delivery? Because our production equipment and technology are first-class, our output is sufficient to support your sales.

We can provide almost many styles of the ceilings system, we have more than 20 years of production and 13 years of export experience, which can be used as the cornerstone of your future sales.
Your trust is our future.

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