Glasswool Insulation

Parameters of Glasswool Insulation

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Series of Glass Wool:

Plain glass wool blanket
Faced glass wool blanket ( FSK, Vinyl, Foil, WMP, and Kraft Facing )
Plain glass wool board
Faced glass wool board ( FSK, Vinyl, Foil, WMP, and Kraft Facing )
Glass wool batts
Glass wool pipe tube


Technical Data:

PropertyTest MethodValue
Average Fiber Dia.GB/T133505um
Thermal ConductivityGB/T133500.043-0.032w/mk
Max Use TemperatureASTM C411900°F (500°C)
Compressive ResistanceASTM C16525 psf (1200 Pa)
Composite Surface Burning CharacteristicsASTM E84
Flame Spread25
Smoke Developed50
Fungi ResistanceASTM C1338Meets requirements
CorrosivenessASTM C665Meets requirements
Facing Temperature LimitASTM C1136150°F (66В°C)
Water Vapor Permeance (Facing)ASTM E960.02 perm
Surface Burning CharacteristicsASTM E84
Flame Spread25
Smoke Developed250


Advantages and features:

1.Excellent thermal insulation –very low thermal conductivity coefficients.
2.Excellent acoustic insulation –can reduce noise and sound transmitting.
3.Moisture resistant,fire-resistant.
4.Good strength to resist deformation.
5.Antisepsis, aging resistance, anticorrosion, ensuring a heath environment.
6.Stable physical and chemical properties, durable.
7.Easy for construction; cutting at will.



Vacuumed packing with a woven bag outside, OEM packing available.


Why choose our glass wool insulation?

Because of our glass wool insulation effectiveness, safety, and value. It will not lose its insulating power (R-value). Our main raw material is recycled glass, so it is naturally noncombustible. We use a plant-based binder with no added formaldehyde, harsh acrylics, or unnecessarily fire retardants.



Glasswool Application

Glass wool board is designed to meet the needs of the large-scale laying of the coil, to maintain the characteristics of thermal insulation, but also has very excellent shock absorption, sound absorption characteristics, especially in the low frequency and a variety of vibration noise Have a good sound absorption effect, improve the working environment. This product can be customized according to the needs of any arbitrary, mainly for the construction of indoor, muffler systems, transport, refrigeration equipment, household appliances shock absorption, sound absorption, noise reduction, the effect is very satisfactory.