Dry Wall Partition System

Parameters of Dry Wall Partition System

Stud&track For Dry Wall Partition System


Stud/Track thickness

0.4mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm

Stud/Track length

3000mm, or as a requirement

Stud size

40×35, 50×35, 65×35, 70×35, 75×35 etc.

Track size

42×25, 52×25, 67×25, 72×25, 102×25 etc.

Stud&track For Dry Wall Partition System

Stud&track For Dry Wall Partition System

Drywall Partition System Solutions including:
1. drywall steel Studs  2.Track  3. Angle corner bead 4.Gypsum Board 5. Insulation Materials



The drywall partition system is widely used in offices and residential buildings for its easiness of installation. The drywall partition system is made of galvanized steel coils. Usually, it uses gypsum boards as surface material. Compared with the wooden boards, Gypsum boards can provide a safer and more fire-resistive wall. Compared with the bulky brick walls, it can greatly reduce the weight of the building. Besides, thermal and acoustic insulation products may be filled in partition frames to create a safe and quiet environment.


Application: Factories, department stores, hospital, office buildings, residences, restaurants, etc


1. Excellent fire-resistive ability. Suit residuals and public places.
2. Fast installation. Easy to control the construction progress.
3. Combinative construction. Easy to keep workplaces clean.
4. Good vibration absorbing ability. Suit buildings on the seismic belt.
5. Fast reconstruction for easy assembling and dismantling.
6. Filling acoustic insulation can enhance sound-proof ability.
7. Surface of the walls is smooth. Easy to paint or paste wallpaper.
8. Electric wires are hidden in the wall
9. It is easy to drill through the wall for construction.
10. It could be applied under the original ceiling



STUD normal size and styles:

Stud size and styles


TRACK normal size and styles:

Track Size And Styles


Corner Bead

Corner Bead

At the same time, we can offer drywall steel profile accessories such as drywall screws, self-adhesive fiberglass tape, Metal Corner Tape, Paper Joint Tape.