Fiberglass Ceiling Tiles Feature

In this blog post, you’ll read: Best NRC Ceiling of fiberglass ceiing tiles.

Fiberglass Ceiling,which mainly raw material is high density fiberglass wool. The Surface is treated by different processes,
and made variety of styles of wall panel or ceiling decoration.

Until now there are three different styles:1)Fiberglass Acoustic Ceiling and Panel2)Perforated Fiberglass Acoustic
Ceiling and Panel3)Decorative Fabric Acoustic Insulation Wall Panel.

The main characteristic :
Excellent sound insulation,Non-combustible,No sagging, wrapping ,Green building material. Therefore fiberglass ceiling used
widely in wall panel or ceiling decoration field.And its belong the high grade interior ceiling materials.

If quantities enough,we can customize the size for every clients and we also can offer free samples. More than 10 years
experiences,which hope can help client develop more newly market.

At present, our fiberglass ceiling export to many countries,such as Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, India, Philippines, Columbia,
etc. We also look forward to working with more customers from other countries.

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