Mineral Fiber Ceiling Installation Instructions

In this blog post, you’ll read: Let you know the important things for installation mineral fiber ceilings

1.Mineral fiber acoustic ceiling tiles should be installed according to the design of construction, it must ensure stable connecting point, parallelness and neatness should meet with the standards.

2.The construction unit must choose the proper T-Grids and supporting accessories which meet with National Standards.

3.The installing environment: other decoration operations have been finished and kept dry; the temperature of construction room should be not more than 40c, the humidity of the installing environment should be not more than 80%; all kinds of pipes under the ceiling, doors and windows should have finished installation, and they start to work normally; all of the water pipelines should have worked normally, no leakage.

4.Mineral fiber acoustic ceiling tiles usually choose the light T-Grids, please choose the heavy T-Grids if need. The other large lamp and accessories should separate from the T-Grids system, and install them in other design ways.

5.Before worker begin to install the mineral fiber acoustic ceiling tiles , the installing worker must guarantee: all project using gypsum, cement, other moisture millstone have been dry for some time, all the doors and windows can work normally.(Attention: it shouldn’t install mineral fiber tiles when it is rainy. If it is rainy, please close the doors and windows in time to keep the ventilation of the installing room after the rain stops)

6.Please pay attention to the producing time on the box before your installation, the mineral fiber tiles from the same date should be installed together.

7.Please put on the clean gloves when worker install the mineral fiber tiles, otherwise it will make the tiles’ surface dirty easily.

8.The installing room should keep ventilation after workers finish the installation, when it is rainy, the windows and doors must be closed in time

9.Composite construction adhesive tiles can’t be vibrated before the glue solidify completely.

10.The mineral fiber acoustic tiles should store in the dry and ventilating warehouse, NO Humidity, NO Rain.

11.The construction unit shouldn’t install under the vibrating environment, and shouldn’t install under the environment containing chemical gas. (containing free TDI which will make the board’s surface yellow)