Drywall tape

In addition to providing customers with ceilings of different materials, you can also find suitable drywall tapes here. Help customers save purchasing time and cost.

What are the different types of Drywall Tape?

Metal Corner Tape: It’s excellent for wide-angle joints, but it’s not easy to hide with a drywall compound. It’s not suitable for outside corners or flat surfaces.

Paper Drywall Tape: It’s best for seams and corners, but it doesn’t stick well and can blister and swell if used incorrectly. It wrinkles easily.

Fiberglass Self-Adhesive Tape: A quick fix for holes and cracks in drywall, it resists mold and moisture better than paper tape, making it ideal for bathrooms and other surfaces that come in contact with water.

drywall tape

Which drywall tape is ideal for you to use?

1.  If you are working on a tapered seam rather than a flat seam, it’s best to use
the thicker fiberglass mesh tape.

2.  If the seam is flat, both paper drywall tape and fiberglass mesh tape are ideal.
Mesh joint tape, on the other hand, tends to stick out and thus looks lumpy.

3.  For stress joints such as door and window corners, consider using fiberglass mesh tape.

4.  Paper drywall tape and Metal corner tape are both ideals for use inside corners.

Summary: While paper drywall tape is stronger and more versatile than other options, fiberglass
mesh tape offers better moisture resistance and a user-friendly learning curve. Ultimately, your choice depends on where you want to use the drywall tape, the type of installation, and personal preference.

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